quarta-feira, 11 de agosto de 2010


Hi guys!!!
It's very nice to create a blog and surprisingly enough very easy as well.
Ok let's talk about the class, I kind of don't remember it, but anyway.
I'd like to talk about the reading part, for the test, I find the readings pretty boring, but Henrick advice of the guardian was realy nice you can interect with the language and also keep in touch with the news of the world today for example England nacional football team is winnig the match against Hungary with 2 goal of Gerrard of course I could read that in portuguese, but in english is much more fun. I also like to visit the site of "the economist" it's a little more specific but not that specific for economist there are news of all over the world the site is www.economist.com
Uhn.. I think that's enough for my first post

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  1. Hi Mateus,

    It is easy, isn't it?! Creating the blog is not complicated per se. However, it's sometimes difficult to keep writing. This is the reason why it's important for us to have an objective to write, and the CAE classes is this objective for the short-term. Maybe it'll grow in you and you'll end up keeping a blog for good. :)

    Thanks for sharing the link for the economist. I'll try to update the resources page on my blog asap and I'll include all of your suggestions there.



  2. Henrick is so damn fast!
    All the time I'm going to post comment other people's blog, Henrick's is already there!

    hehe, just kidding!